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"If You Want To Succeed As A Goalie... Pay Very Close Attention To This Video"

There isn’t a qualified goalie coach anywhere who would tell you to use the Reverse VH position, and then not show you – carefully and methodically – how to do it, when to do it, and why it works. But there are well-meaning coaches everywhere who will tell you, you must be confident and mentally prepared, yet never show you exactly how to do it, when to do it, and why it works. 

Pete Fry "The Goalie Mindset Guy" is changing that, with this ground breaking 30-day program dedicated entirely to helping goaltenders create a mindset that will guarantee results. Goalie Mindset Power is based on three decades of research into goaltending success, examining the habits and traits of winning goaltenders at all ages and levels. 

When it comes to goaltending, the Mental Part is the most important, most crucial part of the game

Imagine how great it will feel to step on the ice knowing you are going to win, having that incredible feeling of total confidence, before you even make a save. You simply know you can – and will – stop the puck and win the game. You know it, your team knows it, and the other team senses it too. That’s the ultimate sense of confidence.

 This feeling of “Total Confidence” is just one of the critical mindset takeaways you will get when you do Goalie Mindset Power 

Goalie Mindset Power isn’t just about winning hockey games, it’s about winning over the course of a career and a lifetime. You’ll develop the ability to set and achieve short-term and long-term goals, plan your season and career, and prepare for tryouts with total confidence. What you learn with Goalie Mindset Power will make you a better goaltender for sure, but it will also make you a stronger and more successful individual, on and off the ice, for years to come. 

These are the mental techniques used by professional goalies. They are the lessons that Pete Fry shares with his personal clients as they prepare for training camps, tryouts, championship games, and draft day. 

“Your Goalie Mindset needs training the same as your on ice skills need training. How can you master goalie skills without a system and training? How can you master your goalie mindset without a system and training?” — Pete Fry 

The Goalie Mindset Power program is the full meal deal when it comes to strengthening your mindset for life. The program comes  with 30 days of audio trainings, a 125 -page downloadable workbook, downloadable motivational posters, homework segments, online references, and a personal connection with the most renowned expert in goaltender mental preparation Pete Fry. Each audio chapter approaches a different aspect of your goalie mindset, including:

Day 1 Part 1 Welcome

Day 1 Part 2 Setting The Record Straight on Your Chances To Play in The Leagues Where Only The Best Play 

Day 2 How to Think Big!

Day 3 Predict Your Future By Picturing It

Day 4 How To Have and Keep A Growth Mindset

Day 5 How To Have A Terminator Persistent Mentality

Day 6 and 7 Goalie Skills Visualization

Day 8 Developing and Keeping Pro Goalie Beliefs

Day 9 The Secret To Being Totally Confident

Day 10 How to use anchoring to bring you confidence whenever you need it.

Day 11 The Power of Visualization

Day 12 Goalie Career Planning Session

Day 13 and 14 Pre Game Visualization

Day 15 Season Planning Session

Day 16 Training Camp Preparation Session

Day 17 The Power Of Why To Help You Stop More Pucks and Move Your Career Forward To The Next Level

Day 18 How To Overcome and Reset From Not Coming Up With A Save

Day 19 Dealing With A Negative Coach

Day 20 and 21 Hero Visualization

Day 22 Pre Game Preparation System

Day 23 Power of Keeping A Journal

Day 24 How To Love The Puck and Never Be Puckshy

Day 25 The Importance Of Who You Surround Yourself With

Day 26 How to have the mindset in practice that will allow you to excel in games!

Day 27 and 28 Pro Goalie Mindset Visualization

Day 29 How to focus and concentrate in order to win the toughest, highest pressure games!

Day 30 You are Just Getting Started

Bonus Nightly Goalie Affirmations Sleep Audio


You are 30 days away from having a pro goalie mindset and experiencing unprecedented levels of self-confidence. You’ll feel the results internally, and you and your teammates will see them on the ice. 

Goalie Mindset Power – makes a fantastic gift for the goaltender in your world, and it is a perfect program to help you dominate spring and summer ID camps and combines with a professional goalie mindset that will set you apart. 

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Goalie Mindset power is a great program

From Ethan Anders

Goalie mindset power has helped me develop mentally and has helped the mental side of my game a lot. Over the 30 days you will learn about all the techniques and tools needed for you to be able to ...

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The Tool to Success

From Adam Evanoff

Goalie Mindset Power is an exceptional program in helping any level goaltender move their skills to new heights. After using the program multiple times I can confidently say that it has changed my ...

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Game changer

From Beck Warm

Working with Pete has been an absolute game changing experience. He has helped me take my game to the next level and made me love hockey that much more. Since I started working with Pete 9 months a...

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Your Goalie Mindset Coach

Pete Fry

Pete Fry "The Goalie Mindset Guy"

Pro Goalie Mindset Coach

Author, Speaker and Professional Goalie Mindset Consultant.  Having helped many Pro and Major Junior goalies get to the next level by working with their Mindset. Utilizing Proprietary Mental Training Techniques developed from over 30 years of research and goaltender development. Pete helps goalies "Dominate The Game".  



Goalie Mindset Power 30 Day Program Review

From Cody Porter

Goalie Midset Power 30 Day Program is a great well rounded program that really hits all the bases to being a great goaltender. The program has helped my game tremendously both on and off the ice an...

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Goalie Mindset Power Clients

Adam Evanoff
Moose Jaw Warriors
Jeff Glass
Anaheim Ducks
Danny Taylor
Dylan Ferguson
Vegas Golden Knights
Beck Warm
Tri City Americans
Ethan Anders
Red Deer Rebels
Cody Porter
Stuart Skinner
Edmonton Oilers
Joel Hofer
St. Louis Blues


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What The Pro's Say...

Goalie Mindset Power and Pete have completely changed the way I think in the net and how I handle adversity on and off the ice.
Danny Taylor NHL and KHL Goalie
After working with Pete and Goalie Mindset Power I played and received 1st Star in my first NHL game and I now realize how Mental Training directly impacts my success on the ice.
Jeff Glass NHL / AHL / KHL Goalie
After I began working with Pete and Goalie Mindset Power, I won Western Hockey League Goalie of the Month, then a few months later was drafted to the NHL and Signed a Pro Contract with Vegas and played in my first NHL Game!
Dylan Ferguson NHL / WHL Goalie

Mental Skills You Will Master

Pro Goalie Mindset

Pro Goalie Beliefs

Having A Quiet Mind

Turning Failure Into Power!

Total Self Confidence!

Laser Like Focus and Much More...



From danny taylor

Goalie Mindset Power and Pete have completely changed the way I think in the net and how I handle adversity on the ice.

Goalie Mindset Power

30 Day Audio and Workbook Program!

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Goalie Mindset Power

30 Day Audio and Workbook Program


Tool for success

From Olivier Charbonneau

This is the best program for any goalie at any age to develop their mental skills and learn how to build and keep your confidence. All it takes is 30-60 minutes a day which is a perfect time span, ...

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Goalie Mindset Power Review

From Ryan Koenig

Been using Goalie Mindset Power for years now and definitely helps a lot when it comes to confidence levels and staying focused during games. Affirmations are definitely something I suggest listeni...

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From Ethan Lucke

Essential to developing your mental state, with a great coach who has been around the game for a long time.


Incredible - Powerful

From Trevor Carter

This Program has the power to change your life. If you are an aspiring goaltender looking to make the jump to the next level, be it A to AA, or even AAA, give this program your full attention. Th...

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