Goalie Mindset Training

Goalie Mindset Training

Feel Super Human On The Ice


Goalie Mindset Power 30 Day Program

A ground breaking 30-day Audio and Workbook program dedicated entirely to helping you have the mindset to advance your goalie career and have in game focus and confidence.

8 x $379.00

Premier Private Coaching and Visualizations with Pete

Weekly Mindset Session and Up to 8 Monthly PreGame Visualizations with Pete

$99.00 / month

Goalie Mindset Academy

Goalie Mindset Gym, Weekly Goalie Mindset Webinar, Goalie MindsetFlix

$99.00 / month

The Goalie Mindset Gym "Enter Daily"


Goalie Mindset Secrets Audio Book

AudioBook Goalie Mindset Secrets!


1 Private Pre Game Visualization with Pete

Feel Totally Confident To Start Your Game! Each Pre Game Visualization is done over the phone within 3 hours before the game.