Introduction To Goalie Mindset Training

Introduction To Goalie Mindset Training

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Welcome To Introduction To Goalie Mindset Training


  • Introduction
  • Welcome to Introduction To Goalie Mindset Training!

Chapter 1 Of The Book Goalie Mindset Secrets: Confidence For Goalies


  • Welcome
  • Secret #1 of Goalie Mindset Secrets Book - Confidence For Goalies FREE PREVIEW

Pre Game Visualization Audio Session


  • Introduction
  • Pre Game Visualization Session FREE PREVIEW

Eye Exercise Near and Far Focusing


  • Introduction
  • Eye Exercise Near and Far Focusing FREE PREVIEW

Downloadable Goalie Affirmations Poster


  • Introduction
  • Pro Goalie Affirmations Poster FREE PREVIEW

Day 1 of Goalie Mindset Power The Ultimate 30 Day Program for Goalies


  • Welcome
  • Goalie Mindset Power
  • Conclusion

The Totally Confident Goalie Free Trial

  • The Totally Confident Goalie Free Trial

Playoff Mental Preparation Free Trial

  • Playoff Mental Preparation Free Trial

About Your Instructor

Pete Fry

Pete Fry "The Goalie Mindset Guy"

Pro Goalie Mindset Coach

Author, Speaker and Professional Goalie Mindset Consultant.  Having helped many Pro and Major Junior goalies get to the next level by working with their Mindset. Utilizing Proprietary Mental Training Techniques developed from over 30 years of research and goaltender development. Pete helps goalies "Dominate The Game".

Skills Gained Here


Pre Game Prep

Near and Far Focusing

Thinking Bigger

Positive Thinking



The Confidence I've gained since working with Pete is crazy!
Stuart Skinner Edmonton Oilers, Lethbridge Hurricanes
Pete has taught me many lessons that have helped my performance tremendously
Dylan Ferguson Las Vegas Golden Knights
Since working with Pete I have been able to take my game to the next level
Jeff Glass Chicago Blackhawks

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