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Private Pre Game Visualization Session with Pete Fry

Start Your Game Feeling Like You've Already Made A Huge Save!

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Why not take advantage of what the Pro's call Pete for before their games! You can have your very own Private Pre Game Visualization Session with Pete! All sessions are done over the phone. 

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You won’t regret it!

Feel Totally Confident before you start your game!

Visualization Done By...

Pete Fry

Pete Fry "The Goalie Mindset Guy"

Pro Goalie Mindset Coach

Author, Speaker and Professional Goalie Mindset Consultant.  Having helped many Pro and Major Junior goalies get to the next level by working with their Mindset. Utilizing Proprietary Mental Training Techniques developed from over 30 years of research and goaltender development. Pete helps goalies "Dominate The Game".  


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Feel Totally Confident!

Feel Certain!

Feel Powerful!

Reduce Nervousness!

Reduce Fear!

Stop Way More Pucks!

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