Total Confidence

In this session. Athletes will learn and apply how to use movement, focus and to create an ultimate level of confidence.

Athlete Mindset

In this session athletes learn and practice having an Athlete Mindset which will allow them to stay dialed on the actions that make them successful during games and practices.

3 Mental Zones

Learn and put into Practice the 3 Mental Zones which allow athletes to put all their focus on their performance. The 3 Mental Zones allow a hockey player to chunk his/her focus down in a game. To maximize their concentration calories when needed and to conserve them when they can.

The Power of Visualization

Players will learn visualization techniques Pete has used with NHL Players and Olympians to help them perform at their peak.

Get ready to be blown away from the most powerful visualization sessions in the world.

Laser Like Focus and Concentration

An athlete is always focused. The challenge is when they are not playing well they are focused on the wrong things. In this session you will learn how to consistently focus on the things that help make you super successful.